Toni’s “can’t get it wrong” White Cake

So as promised here is the recipe and photos for the birthday cake I made in celebration of Miss R turning 1 two weeks ago (tardy I know, sorry). I am also going to be lazy and not even write out the recipe here as, lucky for me some friends of mine, who have a fabulous blog that chronicles all of their crafty Pinterest endeavors, featured the cake I made for mine and my Mum’s birthday celebration as a guest post and I had included the recipe there. Since the basic recipe is the same you can check it out here… in fact this blog was one of the main inspirations behind me starting my blog and one of its authors, the wonderful Holly, was the first person I turned to for advice when setting up my own.

Here is the adult version:

img_9903 img_9905

and the kiddie version.


Stupidly I forgot to take photos as I was making it but the modifications I made to the recipe this time are as follows…

To ensure I had enough cake to work with I mixed 1½ the usual quantity, intending to bake one batch worth in a 23cm circular pan and a half batch in a standard loaf pan (to form the body of the butterfly). After mixing the basic cake batter I split it in half and tinted one half of it pink and added some raspberry essence. Then, using a spring-loaded ice-cream scoop, I put alternating coloured dollops of batter into the two pans. I used a fork handle to create a few swirls resulting in a basic marble pattern.

When baked and cooled (I left it over night) I cut the circle cake to look a bit like an inverted peace sign (pattern here) and did just a bit of extra shaping to create slightly curvier wings.

Then using this butter-cream recipe:
1 cup (225g) unsalted butter
3 – 4 cups icing sugar
¼ tsp salt
1 Tbs vanilla essence
up to 4 Tbs milk or cream
beat together until light and fluffy

… I gave the whole thing a crumb coat and piped the different colours (tinted with food colouring) on.

I had intended to create a lovely smooth finish and embellish it with detail piping, candies and shiny cachous however it turns out that icing a cake with two very interested toddlers hanging off your arms is really hard! I opted for the much easier, and actually faster, piping bag option and I think it looked ok – not quite what I had in mind but it got eaten just the same!


2 thoughts on “Toni’s “can’t get it wrong” White Cake

    • It is a seriously easy cake! You can’t over-mix it so great for kids to “help” with the stirring, takes colour and flavour additions really well and the batter is ok to sit for a little bit before you bake it if your oven is small and can only fit one pan at a time. Enjoy and please let me know how it goes for you if you do try it!

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