Katie’s Gift

Finally I can show you the gift I made for my sister Katie! She has just started a university course in costuming (check out her new blog here) and I figured she could use some small storage drawers to keep all the little bits and pieces you collect when sewing and crafting.

As I mentioned before I searched a long time to find a set that I thought was the right size, right style etc but couldn’t find anything that really suited what I had in mind, so I bought a kit-set at Spotlight and set about decorating it myself. Now if someone was giving this gift to me (anyone? No? Ok.) I would prefer it in its kit-set form so I could have the fun of putting it together and decorating it to my taste but as she was in the middle of moving house and had already started the course I figured it would be better for her if she could use it straight away (also as I couldn’t justify getting one for me too – expensive much?!? – I could still have the fun of building and decorating I would have otherwise been denied).

Here are the before and after:

002 DSC01737

Katie is really (REALLY) into steam-punk and I wanted to embellish my little project accordingly but do you think I could find any really cool bits to go on it? No and short of smashing one of my own watches (not going to happen) I had to setting for keeping it simple. I did however do a pretty good job, I think, of painting it to look like it is made of aged, dirty copper. Despite a lack of little bits to decorate it with I am pretty pleased with the overall look of the finished piece and I think she was too.

April crafting project = Complete!


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