Sock, Sock, wherefore art thou missing Sock?

I went sock-less today. Search as I might I simply couldn’t find a matching pair. They go into the washing machine in pairs, I hang them on the line in pairs, yet there is never a pair in the drawer. This is not a new phenomena but a regular occurrence in our house, well for me anyway. My husband always has his socks in pairs, lots of pairs, but it is not hard to make pairs when every sock you own is army issue green. I would be willing to put money on him having a sneaky stray single sock hiding in the back of his drawer, it can’t be just me, surely?

My home most definitely reflects my state of mind. When I am feeling low or having trouble concentrating my house is a mirror of the inner chaos. I can’t find anything, it seems everything we own is dirty, used, empty, in the washing machine or in a pile on the couch/chair/bed/floor. Then there are those very (very) rare times when I am focused, organised and feeling good and the house shows that too. The laundry is clean, dry, folded and put away, the dishes washed, dinner cooking and plenty of teaspoons in the drawer (we make a lot of tea in this house). My husband would probably try to tell you that this never happens but I maintain that it does (if infrequently) and I am sticking to that (actually clinging desperately, in the hope that I am not a lost cause).

I mentioned in my first post here that I wanted to find a system that works for me so I have done some (a lot of) research. I have found a whole bunch of websites dedicated to helping S.H.E.’s (sidetracked home executives) like me by helping them out of their C.H.A.O.S. (can’t have anyone over syndrome) and teaching them to F.L.Y. (finally love yourself) – see I am even learning a whole new language with this, it must be good! A while back I found FLYLady and thought she was good but didn’t really do anything about it. I have decided that her system is the one I will attempt to follow as she makes sense to me and doesn’t assume that my house is in any way close to where I want it. She assures me I am not behind, I don’t need to catch up and recommends just starting where I am – Hooray! So many of these dedicated sites give great long to do lists that would be impossible for anyone but a childless stay-at-home spinster who is perfectly organised and does nothing but clean, but I can’t reach that window to clean it, there is a pile of laundry in the way!

FLYLady recommends creating a Control Journal for your home, as do most of the similar sites and I have decided (there is that word again!) to do this, to create a home management folder to help me keep on top of the cleaning chores, household expenditure, bills, birthdays, shopping lists, contact lists, appointments, knowing exactly what that is in the back of the freezer etc that keep overwhelming me. This will be my craft project for the month of April as well. Multitasking, I am so clever! I will post pics when it is done.


2 thoughts on “Sock, Sock, wherefore art thou missing Sock?

  1. I think I need to follow your example and make some decisions to gain some control, (and there are so many goals on your list that mirror my own!). It’s just some discipline to do something like a Control Journal but sometimes finding the inspiration to do it when juggling everyone and everything else in the house is hard, it just seems initially like another chore although a worthwhile chore in the end. I hadn’t thought of doing something like that. My hubby doesn’t do the long stints away like yours but he works offshore 5weeks on 5weeks…that in itself causes chaos and anxt for differing reasons and a constant shift in dynamics for everyone… maybe I should do two Control Journals for the two different lives I lead for the two living scenarios. lol Great blogs Toni, I am looking forward to reading more, I can relate a lot to what you say 🙂

    As for socks, they are off having an affair with hair ties and pens I’m sure of it! I have a sock bin in the laundry where all the singles can hang out and once a month I will see if there are any matching pairs.

    • Kim I totally get where you are coming from with the all or nothing living with your husband. We live that way too when mine comes back from a long trip. We go so long in our own little routine, just me and the kids, then he is home and everything changes. The routines are out the window and yes our house turns to chaos too. It is so hard to watch because we miss him so much when he is gone but struggle almost as much when he comes back. Our boy does it especially hard as he just worships his daddy and goes into total overdrive when he is home. There are more laughs but also more tantrums, it is such a hard thing to balance.
      The control journal is an EPIC task, I had no idea how much work I was going to need to put into it but I think it will help when it is done… I reckon you could get away with one journal (at least that is what I am hoping for my own sake), I am hoping that just having the routines written down will help my husband fit better into our flow than the muddle we currently create. I will let you know if it helps.

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